Founded in 2020 by Goran Chanter and Regina Lazarenko, Epoch-A is a contemporary fine-jewellery brand based between London, UK and Kyiv, Ukraine. The brand champions self-expression in masculinities as well as ideas of heritage and future artefacts in contemporary fashion. Epoch-A’s jewellery is sustainable, fluid and ever-evolving, elevating the naturally transmutable qualities of metal into conceptual tools.

Drawing from a decade’s worth of experience in fine art, Epoch-A directs the eye of the painterly and the sculptural towards contemporary jewellery. The duo work collectively, with a concept-driven, technologically-informed attitude to design. Often referencing the landscape of decay and erosion, contrasted with the preciousness of their materials, Epoch-A aspire to re-imagine hierarchies within fine jewellery traditions.


As a brand and individuals, we believe in ethical and sustainable forms of self-expression. All gold and silver we use is recycled, and natural stones are traceable to small, family-run enterprises, whenever possible. The traditional pyramid of values, when it comes to gemstones, causes tonnes of soil to be excavated to achieve just one perfectly clear carat. Our ethos directs us away from purity and uniformity and towards seeing value in all natural treasures, however included or irregular. We believe in the added value of design over that of commodity, and invite the wearer to appreciate the imperfect.


We are pursuing a zero waste model, collect and repurpose gemstone offcuts, whilst minimising the use of any other virgin materials. With our packaging created out of reclaimed car interior leather, we take responsibility for creative repurposing of “waste”, whether or not created by us.